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Get to Know WILOMA

WILOMA is named after three very influential people in my life: William, Louella, and (Shirley) Margaret. Their lives and dedication to my success in life provided the foundation and inspiration for everything I do today. The vision for WILOMA comes from the desire to share with others the experience and knowledge I've acquired over 25 years of managing and organizing projects and teams. Helping others achieve and build their dreams is the WILOMA way.

We are ready to serve!


At WILOMA we believe in the ideas and vision of the Client and focus on making them into a reality. We provide excellent support for the success of all projects from start to finish insuring that the goals are accomplished. Including when issues arise during the execution of any project type, WILOMA has a vested interest in guiding the Client with choices and advice to manage through until a resolution. WILOMA is the best and experienced resource to provide everything the Client needs towards an easier path to success.

Get To Know Me

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My name is Dondra Butler and I have worked as a project manager and engineer for some of the largest oil and gas and manufacturing corporations in the world. For over 25 years, I have been the leader of all types of engineering and personal projects in the role as a Client and as a Service provider. During that time, I have developed a broad knowledge base of how to execute a project with a clear perspective of expectations from all sides. From small to large projects having different levels of complexity and diverse teams with vast levels and types of experience, I know how to adapt and adjust in any scenarios to meet the final goals. This experience provides the foundation our Clients will expect in a partnership with WILOMA.

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