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Name Change Process

WILOMA provides assistance in the process of changing your name as easy as possible. Whether you self-complete or want WILOMA to lead the process, it is your name and you deserve the best way to claim it.

Name Change Kit

  • WILOMA offers a self-completion kit allowing the Client to complete the process of a name change. The kit will provide estimated costs at different agencies, estimated durations to receive updated documents, and websites to complete online submissions.

Name Change Process

  • WILOMA offers a full service to assist the Client to complete the process of a name change. This includes processing online forms, arranging appointments and sending reminders, shipping documentation by mail, and tracking the status of all document updates. Due to the sensitive data used in this process i.e., social security number, there will be some submissions and in-person appointments that the Client will have to self-complete. WILOMA is dedicated to be there every step of the way until the process meets your satisfaction.

Project Types

WILOMA provides consultation for a variety of projects and schedules. Our commitment to the Client is to give the right start to turn an idea into a reality. Here are just a few of the types of projects. 

Home projects

  • remodeling, repairs, decorating, expanding the floor plans - indoors or outdoors

Business projects

  • expansion of or relocating facilities, adding to a portfolio, adding to payroll, adding a location, new facility

Personal projects

  • relocation, starting a new hobby, life events, preparing for a college move

Project Execution and Resolution

WILOMA can join you along the path to project completion and provide support during the execution phase and for resolution issues.

Execution Strategy

  • WILOMA has experience in support Clients when execution reaches a stopping point and needs a boost or different direction. During consultation, there will be an evaluation of the project status and agreement on the changes to make for a successful completion.

Resolution Strategy

  • WILOMA understands that there are changes and issues during a project life cycle. Evaluation of the current status and history of the project will help drive the resolution phase and define what can be done to finish the project with success.

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