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Project Consulting Name Change

Providing Clients with the organizational and developmental expertise and support for successful projects.


WILOMA L.L.C. provides consulting services focused on guiding and leading Clients towards their goals.

The vast amount of knowledge and tools available at WILOMA L.L.C. are designed to give each Client the confidence and information for planning any project. Every Client should expect a strong partnership, with the consistency, organization, and accountability needed for success.

Name changes

Whether you are just married, are recently divorced, or want a new identity, the process to legally changing your name is very complex and time consuming. WILOMA L.L.C. provides guidance to navigate through all the systems. We have the tools to start and finish successfully with specific experience in this area. 

Project startup consulting

Have a project idea? WILOMA L.L.C. can advise you on how to make your ideas become a reality. We will start with a consultation and questionnaire to define your needs and goals. From there we can establish a partnership designed specifically for you.

Strategy consulting

Once your project has started, there is still a lot of work to do. WILOMA L.L.C. can provide guidance throughout the execution phase to successful completion. Resolution of common project conflicts and issues can be addressed with the right tools and guidance.


At WILOMA we believe in the ideas and vision of the Client and focus on making them into a reality. We provide excellent support for the success of all projects from start to finish, ensuring that the goals are accomplished. Including when issues arise during the execution of any project type, WILOMA has a vested interest in guiding the Client with choices and advice to manage through until a resolution. WILOMA is the best and experienced resource to provide everything the Client needs towards an easier path to success.

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